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Undisciplined people (to meet up with the society definition of success will be a misplaced priority)

     To have excuses for not taking action will retard progress. A lot of undisciplined people can never be hard on themselves and enforce adequate discipline on their living because they will always find excuses for not taking action, as a result they are half-witted and their intelligence is subnormal which leads to an end of not yielding.

   Undisciplined people are set or group of persons which always try to meet up with the society definition of success, the society will always have new place and goals, trying to meet up will make an individual live a life that is not his life. The society definition of success can be very luxurious with the view of having a good car, living in a mansion, and having a particular suit for every occasion, this they may see as success but success is not what an individual tend to show to other people but success is what they see you living. Undiscipline people want to live a life of luxury and end up spending all their money and fall back to nothing. Having reasons to blame other people, blame your country leaders and your environment can be justified, but gaining mastering over your life is what count, the economy of the country may be bad but a lot of person who have through discipline train theirselves to a standard control their own economy, because if you don't have mastership over your country economy at least you have mastership over your country economy at least you have mastership over your own economy, so be discipline and control it, or else you will think that to get to the top will take a 100 score of years. Undiscipline has make some individual to live a life of borrowing, as a result they cannot rise, which is a risk.

    The negligence of finding a dream and a purpose have made people not to be viable contributors to the society at large instead they try to meet up with the society and this is a misplaced priority. There are people who set pace for the society while there are other people who try to meet up with this pace. In reality people who set pace in the society are people who have been able to find purpose and are driven by passion. We will still not live life to the full when purpose is not discovered but undisciplined people are not mindful of this reality and fact, life is sweeter when you are a contributor to other lives. Having grey hairs can be a length of years spent on earth but it is not the amount of impact made on lives, and this shows that to make impact in life, purpose must be discovered. Several persons have asked, how can I know my purpose, let me buttress some salient point on it. To find purpose, you must be able to identify things around you that you do that gives you joy because what gives you joy will give you strength to continue doing it even when people discourage you or laugh at you, you will continue and you will never stop not until it yields. As long as you derive joy from it, you will always want to do it, even when you are not being paid for it. The joy will make you to keep trying until you get the desired result, again you must look around and within you that particular thing you love to do everyday, you might do many things for a day but there is something you must include, if not, that day is not yet interesting to you. Again you must look out for what you do that help you reach out to other people. Lastly you must have prayed to ask the maker to reveal to you because it it the maker of a product that knows it's original purpose for that particular product. The pen we use to write was created for a purpose and it is serving that purpose, God that created you knows the purpose he want you to fulfill, so ask him to reveal it to you. In realness, everything you are seeing right now is serving a particular purpose, your car is serving a purpose of making movement easy, your shoe, your cell phone and every other things are all serving a purpose. Inanimate things can't be fulfilling purpose and you expect a living person not to, you must fulfill purpose and you expect a living person not to, you must fulfill purpose. Undisciplined people will not care, so they live life like those breathless object around us with no goal, focus or vision. Be challenged to finding a bearing for your life because there are people out there that is waiting for your impact and inspire them.


   Starting your own business have to do with an inward trading, no man trade what he doesn't have. Most people procrastinate today and some are still procrastinating and giving excuses is that, there is no capital. Capital is a factor while starting up a business but it is no capital. Capital is a factor while starting up a business but it is not a major factor. In starting up a business, the business needs you, because you start your own business first by trading what you have from the inside of you. The understanding of this is a basic key in starting your business, it is your self competence you sell in the business, what about when the capital is there and there is no competence for consumers to trust, and the business will come to nothing. Capital should not be excuse for not matching on to the zenith of success. In realness, capital stays in you; you know, we have the thought of starting the business very high and big, I know we are exercising faith but you see most business that become great started small and from somewhere with little or nothing but with the presence of an idea, vision, gift and potential with a proper planning. 


  It is the first capital you need in a business, you must be able to visualize what you want to do in a business, vision organizes your goal for the business, vision already deliver to your hand you must worked on.

      Vision gives the working plan; it gives what every business personnel should stand on and be able to run with. When a business man run without vision, he will achieve nothing and the effort inputted will be in futility, so when there is money and no vision to execute it with, the money will be a dormant capital, a sleeping capital, because nothing it is able to attract. Money attract value where there is a vision to sponsor. What we go for is the vision first because it comes from within, basically from the mind. Every business must first be seen from the mind.

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