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The shortcut no man have ever surface to the top by short cutting his journey.

      Success don't happen by accident, but success is a series of work and a deliberate action that is enforced. A lot of persons want to be successful with a deliberate act of omitting the principles of success, to every step that is able to take an individual high, there is a principle that guides it. What we desire as individuals exist, either it is currently in view now or it is in the mind of someone that need to act on it, but in getting and reaching out to the things we desire, we must not by pass the principles of getting them, less when we reach out to these things, they fizzle out like a vapor because success on its own is not a day work but it is a daily work. No man have ever surface to the top by short cutting his journey, less he will tell the story of falling.


   What make people penniless most time is because they adapt to some principle of defeat. Some broke and penniless persons always look up to other person's for survival, they see it as a quick way of getting money unknowingly to them they just reduce themselves. Depending on other people to do the things you could have done, reduce you to a level where you cannot equal with them or become better than them. To depend is risky because any person you depend or can choose to drop you anywhere he chooses to. There is so many things we can do but when we depend, we subject the ability and capacity in us, as a result greatness will not be attained. So you see, to live depending will reduce an individual, so it is risky when a person begin to depend on someone else, he hardly see where he is going to, all he will be seeing is the person he depend on, so to depend reduce sight and limit vision, it is risky and hazardous, it is poisonous to destiny to live depending.

    The bible said that this man was carried to the gate, if I should interpret this, the people that carried him do pass the gate and enter into the city called beautiful, and the lame man never entered because he depended on them, to move and to survive. This explain that we can never become better than the people we depend on, any person you depend on can choose to drop you at the gate and enter the city, after all that is where his/her strength could take them to and you can never blame them. Be steadfast to move, no matter how slow you move, just ensure you are moving, the event at the beautiful gate is life challenging. To stay at the gate of success will reduce your performance and productivity, still reading the same chapter of the book of Acts you will notice that something took place that set the lame man on his feet.


  Every money begged for will never be enough, something will always take it from you and you end up going back to beg, this is a major reason why you must fight against begging because the money will never stay if you keep begging. People that beg are always at the receiving side, and anytime an individual is at the receiving side and not the giving side that individual can never grow. This is also a reason we must learn to manage our money. Be discipline enough to manage your money, be a financial manager to your account so that you don't go begging. With a deep view of realizing the fact that you can't solved everybody financial problems, you must help people because there are people God has sent to help you too but know when to help financially less you will find it difficult to build up capacity for yourself and may end up coming to the low level of everyone, and go begging others.


     Success is both a spiritual and a mental thing, so it starts from the inside of you, if you are weak within, it will be reflected outwardly, if you are a success within, it will be what will be seen outwardly. For people to end up begging and depending, it shows that it is a weakness within. Every weakness can be managed and can be turn to strength through learning and receiving knowledge. To be weak don't mean you are the worse person but it shows that it is a weakness within. Every weakness can be managed and can be turn to strength through learning and receiving knowledge. To be weak don't mean you are the worse person but it shows you can actually become strong in that aspect, so don't be discouraged and allow your weakness kill you but turn it to strength. Let me give you a secret on the emptiness of a thing,

  The emptiness of a thing does not reveal the rejection; it reveals the ability for it to accept greatness in the inside.

   When God said let there be light: he was not speaking into a world already filled with light, he was speaking into a world that is full of darkness, a world that was void, shapeless and empty; but this in the other way round tells that the world could be lightened, shapefull and filled instead of being empty. When you see a land with a duplex and the entire space occupied by it, this can prevent the land from being able to contain a skyscraper, so you see, emptiness is a strength, it is a strength of becoming better and stronger until the best is archived, if the world was never empty, it will not have become what it is today, that emptiness can be a weakness but that same weakness can be your greatest strength, that land is empty but it is strong because it can occupy an estate,your weakness is strong because it can be turn into strength. To be weak is not a disadvantage if only you decide not to make it be. We can really maximize our inherent capacity and make it our greatest strength, instead of collecting bread, why not ask them on how to bake bread and see yourself becoming independent rather than depending. We must know that there are maximum length of success that only individuals that have turned weakness to strength can only attain, so never you depend and stay below.

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