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The attitude of the rich


  The rich always have a kind of excuse which make them, if you can behave the way that the rich person you know behave you may basically not have what he have or end up the way he ended but there will definitely be an attitude in you that will change or evolve. Have you ever taking out time to think about what rich or wealthy people did that make them to become rich.

  1. What do the rich or wealthy people do that make them to become rich or wealthy.

  2. What really make rich people to become rich.

  3. How do rich or wealthy people think.


  It will interest you to know some of the things that rich people do for them to become rich.


  Saving helps you increase financial capacity, saving create room for financial advancement. Let's take a look at this scripture.

    Let pharoah do this, and let him apooint officers over the land and take up the fifth part of the land Egypt in the seven plenteous years and let them gather all the food of those good years that come, and lay up corn under the hand of pharoah, and let them keep food in the cities. And that food shall be for store to the land against the seven years of famine, which shall be in the land of Egypt; that the land perish not through the famine. (Genesis 41vs 34-36).

   If you go through this scripture again and again you will discover the attitude of saving and this attitude made pharoah, Joseph and the land of Egypt to become rich at that time to the extent people from other countries came to Egypt to buy foods. Saving is one of the attitudes of the rich. Saving has a way of preventing a man from a future threat. To take up means to save.


   The money you are earning today cannot make you rich that you can have in abundant to give to others. When reading this part of the book, please be conscious of every single statement and word because this is one of the attitude that have elevated so many people out of poverty. To earn income from that service you render is not enough, to be paid salaries is not enough, to sell and make profit is not enough, what then is enough "INVEST". Let me bring to your notice some of the limitation of salary earning and service rendering. To start with is that it will make you not to see far and have better visions for yourself. So we can say it shuts you from more ideas, secondly it can only make you live a comfortable life but making you not to reach out to others, so we can say that if all that you have is only for you and your family when you are not rich, thirdly it lives you in a risk. What about if the job you have today you are sacked from it, what will be your back up, if the service you render is no longer selling, what will be your back up. Investing have been part of the attitude of most rich people and many are still investing to become great and get to the top because the top is never filled up, there is always a space there. Let's take a deep view of this scripture; it will give us an insight of God's plan on investment.


  It is foolishness not to control spending rate, some people spend more than they earn and they will end up telling you that the money earned is not even enough, in reality no money earned will ever be enough. No man have ever build wealth for himself by spending more than he earn. No man will ever grow in finance without him controlling spending rate.


 First,I want you to have it in mind that the money you will never be enough, because as your income increase, your expenses will increase, what you need to spend your money on will increase. There is a law in economics called : Parkinson's law which explain that the higher the income the higher your expenses, so an increase in income will increase spending and that is the reason one need to be wise. There are a lot of things that have not be coming to your mind but the moment you start earning more, they will start coming to your mind so that you can spend money on them, that is the reason one need to be wise to save something. The money will never be enough but save something out of everything. 

   "There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise; but a foolish man spendeth it up. Proverb 21vs 20.

   You see, it is only a foolish man that spend everything, I never said this but the scripture did, I only buttress what the Bible said. 


Your starting point is not your ending point, it is not a crime to start small but it will be a crime to end small, everything that become great today started little. What rich people do that make them rich is that they recognize little start and turn it to become great. To start a thing and live it to start another will make you not be consistent and will make people not to know you for a particular product or brand.


 There is a place in life where only giving can place you, nothing else can place you there. When you give, it creates more room for you to accept greatness. Many people think that when they give it reduces them, giving doesn't reduce you, giving increases you, this is one thing that rich people do that make them rich. For God to win the world today, he gave his only begotten son, so learn to give because it is a spiritual principle. Give to that investment and you will increase, give to the poor and you will get it back in double fold, give to God and he will multiple you.



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