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Seven places where money hides.

   There are places in the world where money hides. Money doesn't hide in heaven; in fact no currency exists in heaven. To obtain what we desire on earth in terms of substance which money can buy, then we have to recognize places where money hide on earth because if money does not stay in heaven then it is a clear prove that it stays here on earth with us, so we have to recognize it. In this chapter I will be pointing out seven places where money hide in this world.


  The world today is looking for problem solvers and not problem givers. Studies have shown that problem solvers are in a limited supply in the world so it will be a credit to become a problem solver because the world celebrate those who solve problems. Money hide in problem because if you can solve one, you will receive a reward for it. People who become broke today are people who in one way or the other run away from problem solving, who see a problem is to make the problem longer in strength and magnificently enlarge, but facing it, to solve it will produce currency that you need. The man who invented shoes, solved the problem of walking barefooted and this basically provided financial resources for the inventor of shoes. If you don't want to be poor, then you must make solving problems become a priority. Every man that ever solved a problem always gain a form of currency as a reward.

    Goliath was standing as a problem to the Israelites but when David killed him, he solved the problem that was facing the nation Israel and was rewarded with Richard.

   Think to solve a problem today and you will never be broke. The man who invented the electric bulb solved the problem chasing darkness away from our environment. Jesus solved the problem of sin by dying on the cross for us. The problem we never solved can become what we will live suffering with. Solve a problem today and you will get rich.


   The environment around us was never created empty by God, the Lord placed a lot of things that can make a nation, country, city, town or individual to be rich. Our environment today is occupied with resources that should be well utilize, the ability to recognized this resources in our environment will offer us opportunities to live beyond poverty.

   The land explain the environment, from the beginning God created it to be good, so it takes our willingness and obedience to see what is in the land and turn it into the resources and riches that we need. In the environment is placed cattles, trees, crude oil etc but some people will look at cattle and see meat and food, while some people look at cattle and see in them leather bags and shoes, from the skin of the cattles. See differently and you will get your pay. Some saw palm tree and saw fruit and food but others saw brooms and rafters, see differently and you will get your money.


 Your thought today can sustain your tomorrow; you cannot succeed without thinking because everything that is in existence today once existed in the mind. It has been prove that when people become stock Ina place, an idea bring them out from it, this have shown that you cannot keep a man that is full of ideas stagnant, a lot of people are not moving in their journey to greatness.

   Ideas are so strong to the extent that it can be used as financial weapon, the simplicity of the weapon can be use to get money out of the pocket of people without them knowing. Think about something we spend money on, some of them are ideas of people, the tv in your setting room was an idea from somebody and today we spend money on it.


  The question you do not ask today can end up becoming your regret tomorrow, questions point us to a focus and can make lucid the plans we already have.


  The recognition of value in people will increase your self worth. Everyone have his/her self worth, as a matter of fact we all don't have the same finger print, not even identical twins, this proving can also explain that we are all having our different capacity. To know this difference will enable us get money out of people, difference explain the value of a person, difference is a key to nation building, it shows what some persons can offer and what others cannot offer, get this persons into action to offer what they have and it will pay them a huge profit, and most times when we render services, it is this individuals that patronize us, so creating a business market these persons will facilitate sales. You may think that it is not going to be easy but it is because your sales also depends on the relationship you have created with other individuals, so know the value of people around you because money hides in them.


   No man was created empty, if God has created man empty then he would have been wasting his time but God created every man with something as an inherent capacity, and this have increased the value and quality of man. Many people make a move and it doesn't yield and because they see around them some emptiness of resources, they tend to reduce their sense of creativity. It will be a pity for an individual to reduce his thoughts to the emptiness he sees around him, you must see beyond it, if man was empty, it could have be the reflection of the personality of God, because every product is a reflection of the personality of God, because every product is a reflection of the personality of God, because every product is a reflection of the maker, it will tell what was in the mind of the maker before making the product, if the product is substandard, it shows the sub-standard thought of the maker, if it is standard, it shows the standard state of mind of the maker.


  The investment most business men and women are doing is a skill of using money to get money. Most times we misuse money and spend money unnecessary without getting anything in return. The trade of money for money will increase our net worth. Money will not be money if it was not design for exchange but many people tend to keep the one they have and and expect it to grow. Our net worth has a way to worth more when we increase the rate of exchange of money for valuable business.


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