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Becoming a person with great qualities.

         A big question that face the heart of many individuals, a thought that keeps the garden of the mind silent and run through the mind when he meditate "What will I become in life when I become an adult that can handle responsibilities". This they do by over-ruling the word become. A word in the statement, "what will I become in life". What you will become explain the quality of your person, what you have been made of because you can never do better than what you have become.

     The dream of becoming tomorrow is beyond mere wish, it must be an act you perform. A deep view at the verse we read, you will notice that christ was the condition for a man to become new. Therefore if any man be in Christ". This reflect that Christ made an effort for a man to become new, he didn't stay idle and keep wishing, what are you going to do about the man or person you want to become in future.

   As you journey through this book today you will discover that no matter what you have become you still need to become something new and become greater because there is no limit yo increase and this will expand your capacity for wealth creation.  What do I want to become will point you to the question, "what do i want to spend the whole of my life doing on earth?".

    "Life is just once but if you live it well, it will be more than enough". 


 No man live better than his mind, as we have an external environment so also we have an internal environment. Our external environment is the place we live in, the things we see in our surrounding gives us a physical picture and can influence our internal environment. Our internal environment explain what a man can offer, it make up the real us and give us a reality that we live in. The mind is our internal environment, what we cannot create from the mind we cannot see physically, everything that exists today was once in existence in the mind of somebody; we keep our mind idle when we don't think viable ideas. There are differences between worry and thinking, worry makes us see the problem and give it a big shadow but thinking help us see the problem and give it a big shadow but thinking help us see the solution. To worry produce no result but thinking produces a desired result, to live worrying is to find no peace but thinking hwkp us live by faith to achieve a goal. Today, live thinking and don't live worrying.

   "For my thoughts are not your thoughts". Isaiah 55 vs 8.

   If we must live productive we must learn to have productive thinking inspired by the holy spirit and not by men's wisdom. God want to produce something through us, if only we can allow our internal environment visualize it. 


 Every individual that have ever created wealth today started it by first creating  it in their mind. It was from the mind they started living it outwardly, we will still reman where we are today when we don't create that business from the inside of us. So create something from your mind today and don't live your mind unproductive or handicap.


 Whatever your mind creates  determines what comes out from it. Do not end up having that business plan in mind, that song, that invention, that new discovery but turn them into the physical things you can see, feel and touch. Turn ideas in your mind into concrete things you can handle because if you can faith it, you can have it.


   To say I will do a thing is confidence; to do that thing is conpetence. We are so confidential about saying without doing. Thinking will never be productive if action is not put in place. How many things have you thought about that you have performed. Doing brings our thought into reality.


  The major thought of most people when starting up a business is to create money but making money the major gaol will earn you nothing, satisfying your customers should be the priority. Fulfilling the needs of the customers, consumers will help you earn more of the money you intend to get from the business. Satisfying the measure of want will create more money for you and this will help you think of more ideas on how to reach out to the growing population which eventually increase your net-worth. Think of satisfaction and the money will follow.

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